Hello. We're Burnout Proof.

Our Vision

We envision a world with a proliferation of effective, modern leaders who make meaningful impact throughout their careers, while living lives they enjoy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower conscious leaders to change the world with energy to spare.

We do that by providing leadership and resilience programming and services for successful individuals who are called to step into even greater impact, while cultivating a life they enjoy living. We also serve coaches whose practices focus on building resilient, effective, connected leaders.

We Value

• Possibility • Stewardship • Sovereignty • Inner Wisdom • Play •

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Our Founder

Burnout Proof was founded by Katie Sauer Ph.D, an enthusiastic advocate for work-life vitality and a former nonprofit executive and ex-professor.

She’s been through the cycle of impact-driven burnout and recovery and knows firsthand that maintaining a sustainable and vibrant energy, while continuing to make a bigger and bigger difference, takes intentional action.

Katie founded Burnout Proof to help successful leaders step into even greater impact, while living a life they enjoy.

Learn more about Katie.

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Giving Back

We commit to giving back to our local community (Colorado's Front Range) and to support wider-reaching causes.

For every service or educational experience delivered, we donate a portion of that revenue to a nonprofit organization or social impact initiative, or give a gift in-kind from our services.

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