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The boost you need to flourish in your demanding role and hectic life.

Coaching can help you triage, mitigate, and prevent the effects of stress and burnout - and to level-up your leadership competencies.

You want a stellar career where you advance regularly, are connected to something bigger than yourself, and have the energy to live a life you love.

You knew it would take hard work but you were unprepared for feeling drained or burned out so soon.

Even when things are going well, you know another cycle of stress and depletion is on the horizon as you take on more responsibility.

And though your skills are top notch, you recognize that you’ll need additional competencies and tools as you advance.

Working with me can help you:

  • routinely experience relaxed control under deadlines and in chaotic conditions
  • eliminate the feeling of being held hostage by your to-do list and calendar
  • learn to cultivate sustainability in your energy expenditures and reserves and keep your sanity when working in dysfunctional situations.

And perhaps most importantly, enjoy time out of the office without distractions on your mind.

Additionally, I help leaders and managers:

  • strategically refine your leadership competencies so you achieve high impact results with less unnecessary friction
  • evaluate and adjust your current managerial strategies
  • strengthen your personal brand and cultivate a presence that is consistent with your current and future goals
  • gain momentum on an initiative or thoughtfully reboot
  • overcome dysfunctional team dynamics as you improve coordination, communication, and trust
  • on-board and productively integrate new members into leadership teams.

We’ll start with a free 15-minute chemistry call (video or plain old phone). It’s apparent pretty quickly whether we click personality-wise and if my expertise is right for your needs. There is no obligation to work with me and I don’t do pressure sales.

If we decide to work together, I’ll email you an intake questionnaire that gives me some baseline information about your situation and any specific goals you might have.

From there you start booking sessions on a frequency that works for you. Maybe it is weekly for 3 weeks and then you need some space to let things percolate so we don’t meet again for several months. Perhaps you are working on making sustained change so every other week is best. Maybe quarterly accountability is your preference. Basically, I’m here when you need me and will stay out of your way otherwise.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length. When you are an established client, 15 or 30 minutes might work from time to time.

Most sessions will be virtual or on the phone. If you live along the front range in Colorado, maybe we can meet in person - assuming you are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, as I am.

For the first session, some people want to dive right in on something specific while others prefer we use the time as a discovery session, to examine your work-life comprehensively and strategize on goals from there.

We might utilize assessments, frameworks, or other tools as part of the coaching process.

It is permissible to occasionally text or email me in between sessions if you need some quick guidance. An example might be for a boost of confidence before you have to do a hard thing (like a challenging conversation) or if you need a gut-check on your thinking.


The rate for individuals paying out of pocket is $364 per hour.

The standard corporate rate is $550 per hour.

Employees of nonprofit organizations qualify for a 20% discount, on either the individual or corporate rate (depending on the contract).

If your work is going to pay for your coaching, it’s uncool for them to ask you to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed by them in order to take advantage of the individual self-pay rate. I’ll probably never know but you’ll still have to square that with the universe.


Fractions of an hour are pro-rated in 15-minute increments, rounding up to the next quarter hour.

Occasional between-session texts and emails are included in the hourly rate. If a greater frequency of support via text and email is your preference, we can set a price commensurate with the level of interaction.

A Note About Packages

For individuals, I do not offer packages. I prefer agile engagements where we get to the root of an issue and implement change using the number of sessions that works for you. Corporate packages are available when it makes sense for invoicing in bulk.

I focus on folks who are earlier in their careers, as I feel there are already enough coaches out there serving seasoned professionals and later-career executives.

However, if you are 40+ and feel like I might be the right coach for you, I’m happy to hold a free chemistry to see if working together makes sense.

Managerial Mentoring is an intensive coaching engagement that is offered in a short-term retainer model. This type of coaching is ideal for occasions when: 1) a supervisor is out for more than a week and staff could temporarily benefit from interim support, or 2)the time frame is short for a staff member to skill up, ameliorate a behavior, or navigate a pressing challenging situation.

Learn more about Managerial Mentoring on my corporate site,

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