Be Burnout Proof

you, with energy to spare

Workday vitality resources for introverts in technical and analytical professions.

Engineers, economists, programmers, analysts, quants, researchers, accountants, statisticians, scientists, tech ops, architects ... I'm looking at you.

What is workday vitality?

Things may be hectic, but you take the events of your day in stride.

You have time for deep work that means something.

You are not "in the grip" all day or feeling like you are just trying to make it through the week.

You don't feel drained by interactions and other frictions.

You actually have energy left over for your life.

You take breaks when you need them and aren't solely fueled by caffeine, sugar, or fast food.

When the evening comes, you can wind down and drift easily into a restful sleep.

Weekends are enjoyable, without work on your mind.

Relaxing in general is no longer a struggle; you can ease out of work mode and be present to life.

In essence, it is a workday you don't need to recover from.